Bikes descending a path near Ladybower


Shatton Ladybower Enduro

Enjoy four awesome descents with refreshments stops in the scenic village of Hope.


This route offers a slightly more challenging ride with four great descents, ranging from wide grass paths to narrow, thrilling singletrack. However, there are some tough climbs which can be challenging if you don't pace yourself. It's best to take it easy and put in effort on the climbs and descents while resting on the flat sections.

Hope is located just before the halfway point, making it an ideal spot to stop for food and drinks before starting the second half of the ride, if needed.

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This route was created by Bike Garage in Bamford, an independent family-owned bike shop offering cycle hire, including e-bikes and full suspension bikes, in the heart of the Peak District.

Trail directions

Step 1

Start at the Bike Garage in Bamford. Climb a short, steep road to Offerton, covering 1.7 miles and 380ft of elevation. Then follow a bridleway towards Shatton Lane. After 2.2 miles, turn left at the gate with a large chain and continue your journey.

Step 2

The route descends from Bradwell Edge to Bradwell, dropping just over 350ft in half a mile. The singletrack descent is a little overgrown in some places and has a few gullies to watch out for. Then, the route goes through a straight off-road section and emerges onto a farm track before turning left and reaching Bradwell.

After that, the route joins the bridleway through the Breedon Hope Cement Works, which is an industrial area with bridges. Be careful when crossing as it is an active worksite. Finally, follow Pindale Road for about a mile down into Hope, where you can rest, have food and refill your drinks.

Step 3

From Hope, follow the Edale Road for a mile and then take Fullwood Stile Lane to reach the Roman Road. The climb is a mile and a half long and takes you to Hope Cross. From here, head straight towards Spud Alley, a rocky descent that drops you almost 300ft down to a small road leading to the A57.

Next, climb up to Rowlee Farm, taking extra care at the A57 crossing. The climb covers almost 250ft in less than a mile. At the top, turn right and head towards Hagg Farm descent. Signs show the direction to Hagg Farm.

Step 4

The Hagg Farm descent offers five deep, wide berms that work their way into the woods, ending in a rocky descent. After crossing A57, follow the reservoir firetrack for under a mile before climbing the horrid climb. Take a left towards Win Hill, drop down the Aston Bridleway into Aston, follow Thornhill Lane, turn left onto Water Lane, and turn right into the Thornhill Recreation Ground. This 20-mile loop covers 3,000ft of climbing with four solid climbs and four rewarding descents, including wide rocky trails and tight singletrack. The views over the Peak District from the Roman Road are excellent, and the option to stop in Hope for refreshments makes it perfect for all.

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