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    The Robin Hood 500 (500RH)

    The Robin Hood 500 (500RH) is a journey through 500 miles of Robin Hood country, from Nottingham Castle to Robin Hood’s Bay. Returning through the Derbyshire Peak District to Nottingham.


    Robin Hood. Maid Marian. Little John. Friar Tuck. Alan a Dale. Will Scarlet. All names which have become immortalised not just in English folklore, but hailed in world legend. What is the historical truth behind these enigmatic figures - and what became of them after their celebrated adventures?

    Robin Hood enthusiast Neil Hallam invites you to join him on the trip of a lifetime as he takes you on a 500 mile journey around some of the most scenic locations in England, searching for the facts behind this famous yet inscrutable outlaw. His travels take him far beyond Nottingham and Sherwood Forest to the hamlet of Loxley, charming Whitby and the beautiful Robin Hood’s Bay, via a plethora of caves, coves, churches, crags and castles just waiting to be discovered along the way.

    Our return through Derbyshire’s Peak District begins at Cutthroat Bridge and the Upper Derwent reservoirs, of Dambusters fame. We then continue our Robin Hood journey, taking in caves, marker stones, pubs and villages dedicated to Robin and his outlaws. We even visit the last resting place of Little John, in the village of Hathersage.

    Our Peak District journey is about much more than Robin Hood, as the guidebook describes many other beautiful and historic locations along our way. We meet rifle makers, Victorian spa towns, a plague village, canals, railways and the incredible Chatsworth estate, among much more too.

    Drawing on historical research, national folklore and local legend, Neil pieces together a fascinating and entertaining tapestry of swashbuckling adventures, intriguing mysteries and ancient curiosities which will make you want to visit each and every amazing location for yourself.

    The Robin Hood 500 (500RH) guidebook leads you on your journey, describes walks, cycle rides and days out along the way, and explains the history and legends too.

    The 500RH website takes you further, with more walks, a motorcycle tour and 500RH discounts around the route.

    How To Find Us

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