Hope Valley


Hope Valley & Hucklow MTB route

This ride takes you through classic dark peak climbs and descents with breathtaking views.


Starting and ending at the Bike Garage, you'll head north up the Thornhill trail to the Ladybower Reservoir before climbing up to Hope Cross and descending down Jaggers Clough. After a quick road section to Edale, you'll head up to Mam Tor and then south towards the Peak Forest.

The ride then takes you along gravel roads along the dark/white peak boundary, crossing Abney and ending with a final descent from Shatton Moor back to the Bike Garage. This is a perfect loop for those wanting a longer ride covering a satisfying span of the Peak District.

Watch the Hope Valley & Hucklow cycle route video

This route was created by Bike Garage in Bamford, an independent family-owned bike shop offering cycle hire, including e-bikes and full suspension bikes, in the heart of the Peak District.

Trail directions

Step 1

Start at the Bike Garage, take the Thornhill Trail for 1.5 miles, then turn left to climb up to Wooler Knoll. Don't miss the turn off by the bench. Climb for just over a mile and 260ft until you reach the gate. Then, climb out of the woods to Hope Brink for stunning views of Lose Hill and the valley to Edale.

The route follows a ridgeline to Hope Cross, with a tough climb and rocky descent to Jaggers Clough. After a river crossing, there's a technical climb out of Jaggers Clough to Clough Farm. A narrow singletrack descent leads to Edale Road, and then the route heads towards Edale before turning left to head up to Hollins Cross.

Step 2

The Hollins Cross climb is a 0.65-mile section that climbs 250ft. Thanks to recent maintenance by Peak District MTB, it is now possible to ride up it without stopping. Once you reach Hollins Cross, turn right and follow the stone slab trail towards Mam Tor. This is the perfect spot to take a few photos and enjoy a well-deserved lunch with a great view. When you reach the second gate, keep to the right, as this is the bridleway that runs along the north side of Mam Tor. Unlike the footpath that goes straight to the peak, this bridleway will lead you down to the road. From there, it's time for another road section. Follow the road to the left, through the middle of the hillside, and down the south side to the junction with Sheffield Road. Turn left and follow the road down the hill and around the sharp right-hand corner for 0.7 miles. Shortly after the turnoff for Winnats Pass, you will see a sign for Rowter Farm on your left. Go through this gate and follow the part-paved, part-gravel track for just under a mile.

Step 3

Follow the bridleway for almost a mile to a gate, turn right through another gate and continue through the field along the stone wall. Keep going until you reach another gate, then follow the narrow trail along the bottom of a hill until you reach a property. Join the road and follow it to a second property. Look out for the Limestone Way sign near the rusted gate. Follow the grassy trail to the A623, take a left and follow it to a back road just after the first property you come to.

Step 4

Follow the back road for 1.5 miles, then turn right onto a gravel track that leads to Forest Lane. Continue for a mile to reach Little Hucklow. Take a sharp left through the village and head towards the junction with B6049. Look out for a gravel track on the right that goes through Great Hucklow, with a technical section that lasts almost a mile. In Great Hucklow, take the side road opposite the phone box, which climbs up to the school. Follow the road behind the school to an off-road trail through Great Hucklow woods, which leads to another back road. Turn left and follow the scenic road for 1.7 miles to reach Abney.

Step 5

Look for a red phone box in Abney, near Duper Lane. Climb up the trail to Shatton Moor, then follow the bridleway to the right toward the mast. After the mast, the trail descends quickly for 0.4 miles, then goes through a wooden gate into fields. Follow the trail for 0.8 miles into Offerton. Take a left to ride through a small collection of houses and onto another off-road trail. Follow this trail through a few more fields to come out onto Shatton Lane after a mile. Turn right and follow it to the junction with A6187 to return to the Bike Garage.

Step 6

This is a good ride for those wanting to go a little further than they might usually but take in some incredible views throughout. I would recommend hiring an e-bike for this one so you can enjoy it a little more. A full suspension bike would also be fine however due to the mainly gravel trails with only a few steep/technical sections you would be fine on a hardtail bike as well.

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