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    Sutton Scarsdale Hall

    This dramatic 18th Century hilltop ruin of an imposing baroque mansion still retains remnants of its former rich plaster decoration.


    This dramatic 18th Century hilltop ruin of an imposing baroque mansion still retains remnants of its former rich plaster decoration. The Hall is between phases of a conservation project, with the whole of the building fenced off until these works are complete. Please note, this means that there is no access to the hall, but visitors are welcome to walk the gardens, and the exterior can be viewed.It was Nicholas Leke, the 4th Earl of Scarsdale who built the Hall. He wanted a mansion that was grander than Hardwick, more ornate and more splendid than Chatsworth, decorated with Italian stucco-work to rival the richest European palace. As proof of his achievement, Nicholas died bankrupt in 1736.The Hall passed from hand to hand, and was finally bought by Richard Arkwright, the ‘Father of the Factory System’ who owned mills in nearby Cromford.His descendent John, sold the building to an asset stripper in 1919 who stripped the Hall of everything that could be torn from it, up to and including the lead from the roof. Three interior rooms are now on display in the Museum of Art in Philadelphia, and one wood panelled room was used as a set for ‘Kitty’ in 1934.Ruined and rotting, the Hall was listed for demolition until, with just one day to spare, Osbert Sitwell from Renishaw Hall bought it.The Hall is now owned by English Heritage who are carrying out major conservation work that started in 2016. It is currently between phases of the conservation project with the whole of the Hall fenced off until these works are completed. However, the car park and grounds are open so the outside can still be viewed.

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