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    Solomon's Temple

    Solomon’s Temple, also known as Grin Low Tower, is a Victorian fortified hill marker at the summit of Grin Low Hill near the spa town of Buxton.


    Solomon’s Temple, also known as Grin Low Tower, is a Victorian fortified hill marker at the summit of Grin Low Hill near the spa town of Buxton. At 439 metres above sea-level, the views from the top of this modest tower are not-to-be-missed and on a clear day it's possible to see Mam Tor in Castleton and Kinder Scout - the highest point in the Peak District!The two-storey tower structure is 6.1 metres tall and was built in 1896 to replace an earlier structure constructed by Solomon Mycock, a local farmer and landowner. The structure stands on top of an ancient Bronze Age burial ground and during its construction, an archaeological dig here revealed several Bronze Age skeletons, along with later Roman items.Not built to withstand the ravages of time, Solomon's Temple had to be restored in 1988. True to the spirit of the original erection, this was done by public subscription, and today the folly remains one of Buxton's most distinctive landmarks.In the Victorian era, the tower became popular with visitors who had travelled to 'take' the natural spring water in Buxton and many people would combined a visit to the thriving spa town with a brisk walk up the hillside to enjoy the fresh air.The tower is easily accessible from Buxton Country Park and is fairly close to the centre of Buxton town, just under a forty minute walk from Buxton Railway Station. There are also various woodland trail footpaths leading from Poole's Cavern Visitor centre to the summit of Grin Low and Solomon's Temple viewpoint.

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